Board of Directors

President: A. Neill Osgood

Vice President: Kate Lamneck

Treasurer: Dick McClure

Secretary: Karen Arendt

Kim Beals

Kathy Bergeron

Tyler Cyr

Paula Sullivan Jones
Alice Puccio

Sharon Wroblewski, Capital Campaign Chair

We currently have board vacancies. If interested, please contact Andrea Masters.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide stimulating books, resources and services that educate, inspire and entertain people of all ages and backgrounds. The library provides a sense of community by nurturing the love of reading and by sharing information and ideas in a welcoming and safe environment.

Vision Statement 

The North Conway Library will be recognized as a vibrant, inclusive community hub that will be a center for discovery and enjoyment. It will create a welcoming environment that will meet the informational, cultural, and recreational needs and interests of its users. It will offer inviting spaces to stimulate curiosity and connection; provide a wide range of books, other materials, and technological resources to inform and inspire; and offer enriching programs for children and adults.

The Library’s main goal is to enrich individual lives and the Mount Washington Valley community as a whole.