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Jan. 24: "The White Mountain" with Dan Szczesny

Date: 01/24/19 07:00 pm

2019 Thursday Night Program Series


Rediscovering Mount Washington's Hidden Culture


Dan Szczesny will talk about his new book on the cultural soul of climbers, hikers, and tourists as well as the history of Mount Washington and hiking in the White Mountains.


This program will be held at the Weather Discovery Center in North Conway Village; no reservations necessary.  There will be time after the presentation for questions and discussion. Homemade cookies will be served and coffee is generously provided by Frontside Grind in North Conway.


 The program is free of charge, although donations to the Library are greatly appreciated.  For more information about the program, call the library at 603-356-2961 or email .


Over the course of one calendar year, journalist Dan Szczesny explored the history and mystique of New England s tallest mountain. But Mount Washington is more than just a 6,288-foot rock pile; the mountain is the cultural soul of climbers, hikers, and tourists from around the world.


Szczesny's research took him outside of the archives; he was on the team of a ninety-seven-year-old ultra-runner, he dressed as Walt Whitman and read poetry while hiking up the mountain, and he spent a week in winter cooking for the scientists at the observatory. In The White Mountain, Szczesny turns a veteran journalist's eye toward exploring Mount Washington's place in the collective consciousness of the country and how this rugged landscape has reflected back a timeless history of our obsession and passion for exploration and discovery.