About North Conway Public Library

The North Conway Public Library is a privately funded, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. We receive no regular funds from the Town of Conway, the State of New Hampshire, or the federal government. Our major sources of income are donations, fundraisers, and bequests. However, the North Conway Water Precinct membership votes to raise and appropriate $10,000 each year for the purpose of supporting our programs. Thank you, NCWP!

We appreciate the support of our community. Please consider including the North Conway Public Library in your charitable donations or estate planning. Any amount will be greatly appreciated!

Contributions are fully tax-deductible within the limits of state and federal law.

We are free and open to the public! The library is large enough to offer its patrons a broad selection, and small enough to respond to the reading needs and preferences of its users.


The History of the North Conway Public Library 1887-Today


James Schouler. Old exterior.

The Schouler Room in 1915 and 1952